Diary Pod

Improve your bladder health with the Diary Pod. Gain in-depth insights into your bladder and urination habits, and receive personalized advice to reduce your symptoms. The Diary Pod helps you take informed steps towards a healthier bladder.



- Screen your bladder health
- Get bladder health insights and receive personalised insights and lifestyle advice.
- Connect to the Minze Flow App for a complete bladder diary
- Keep track of your progress
- Certified medical device

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    Start bladder diary

    Track your urination and 
    drinking habits for 2 days

    Get insights & tips

    Receive personalized insights into your bladder health and actionable advice to tackle your bladder problems.

    track your progress

    Keep track of your progress with medication, lifestyle changes, therapy or treatment and monitor the effects over time

    Screen your
    bladder Health

    personalised insights

    Keep track of 
    your progress

    medical device

    The use of the Diary Pod results in an accurate analyses of your lower urinary tract symptoms, such as:
    – Frequent urination, often during the day and night.
    – The urgency to urinate. Unintentional leakage of urine.
    – Weak or slow urine stream.
    – Difficulties to urinate.
    – Interruption of the urine stream while urinating.
    – A sensation of incomplete emptying of the bladder after urination.

    You want to take the first step towards a healthier bladder without visiting a doctor. You want to start self-treatment based on scientific advise.

    If you’re intrigued by bladder health and wish to thoroughly explore your complaints, the Diary Pod will undoubtedly encourage you to adopt a bladder health-oriented mindset.

    You have received a treatment (could be medication, training, botox or surgery) and want to keep track on the progress.

    To ensure you receive the most accurate diagnosis and the most effective treatment recommendations from your physician.

    If you’re tired of constantly using pen and paper diaries and are looking for a simpler, automated method that provides personal insights and updates on your treatment progress.

    Many people often begin their investigation or treatment without proper diagnostic information, missing important details, leading to wrong treatment choices or incorrect conclusions due to misdiagnosis. Sometimes even simple lifestyle changes or exercises can help you with your bladder issues without the need for a doctor’s visit.

    The Diary Pod stands out for its unique ability to collect and interpret data accurately, presenting it in a user-friendly dashboard that anyone can understand. In fact, the Diary pod delivers value to those beginning their diagnostic journey (uncertain about their bladder health) and to those in long-term treatment of Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS).

    The Diary Pod also serves as a companion even if you are already diagnosed. It can help you to determine if a certain treatment (behavioral therapy, medication, surgery) is effective. You can track your progress and see the results in your bladder health dashboard.

    While these insights may not solve every patient’s condition, they significantly contribute to managing symptoms and promoting healthier habits. This understanding, combined with healthier practices, empowers individuals to better manage their bladder health.

    These recommendations also complement advanced treatments like medication or surgery, forming a comprehensive approach to bladder health management. By educating themselves, individuals can make more informed decisions and potentially reduce their dependence on medical interventions.

    1.Track your urination and drinking habits for 2 days.

    2.Document every urination, drink or leakage episode with the Diary Pod and Minze Flow app.

    3.Receive personalized insights into your bladder health and actionable advice to tackle your bladder problems based on the data you have recorded.

    4. Share your results with your health professional for further diagnosis and treatment options. (If you feel the need or self-treatment does not work for you) 

    5.Keep track of your progress with medication, lifestyle changes, therapy or treatment and monitor the effects over time.

    A bladder diary is a record of urinary habits and fluid intake over a specific period, typically 2-4 days. It helps Tto assess bladder health by tracking frequency, volume, urgency, leakage, fluid intake, and associated symptoms. Your bladder health data will be collected and converted it into an easy-to-understand dashboard, providing insights into your bladder health

    The Minze Diary Pod, your first step toward understanding and managing bladder problems or incontinence. This automated Bladder Diary assists you in gathering essential information about your bladder's health. By providing insights into your drinking and urination habits, along with personalized lifestyle advice, the Diary Pod empowers you to comprehend your symptoms and take the right actions.

    It's suitable for men, women, and children. It can be utilized if you want to independently uncover the cause of your bladder or urination problems, if you are under a doctor's care and need to maintain a Bladder Diary, or if you want to monitor the effects of your treatment or medication.

    The Diary Pod helps you pinpoint the real cause of your problem, monitor your bladder's health, receive personalized insights and advice, and track the evolution of your symptoms or treatment. It's a certified medical device used in renowned hospitals and practices across Europe.

    The Diary Pod is suitable for individuals experiencing one or more of the following symptoms: 

    • Waking up at night to urinate 
    • Frequent urination during the day 
    • Strong or uncontrollable urges 
    • Involuntary urine leakage
    • Weak, slow, or interrupted urine stream 
    • The sensation that your bladder is not completely empty after urinating

    It can also be employed if you are already undergoing treatment and want to follow its effect, if you have an appointment with your doctor and want to provide detailed information about your complaints, or if you are looking for an automated method instead of a cumbersome pen-and-paper solution.

    The results of the Minze Diary Pod are grounded in rigorous scientific principles and methodologies.The device is engineered to gather accurate and reliable data on drinking and urination habits, in line with international guidelines and standards endorsed by leading medical organizations. (Continence Society (ICS), European Association of Urology (EAU), American Urological Association (AUA), and others. ) These guidelines emphasize the importance of accurately tracking urination patterns for the diagnosis and treatment of lower urinary tract disorders.

    The advantage of using the Minze Diary Pod is that it offers an automated and user-friendly tool that modernizes the traditional way of manually keeping a bladder diary. It enables both patients and healthcare providers to gather precise and detailed information about drinking and urination habits. This leads to a better understanding of symptoms, more accurate diagnosis, and more effective treatment.

    By complying with international guidelines, the Minze Diary Pod ensures that it is a reliable and scientifically validated tool, recognized and endorsed by medical professionals worldwide.

    What lifestyle advice and behavioral therapy can I expect from the app?

    1. Insights:

    A bladder diary is a valuable tool for understanding bladder health by providing insights into urinary patterns and habits. It enables you to assess drinking habits, revealing whether you're drinking too much or too little, helping guide necessary adjustments. By measuring voided volumes, the diary helps analyze bladder size and function, assessing if your bladder is overactive or underactive. Additionally, it assists in evaluating the severity of urinary symptoms, offering quantitative analysis that informs decisions on medical intervention or lifestyle changes. If undergoing treatments, the diary serves as a means to monitor progress, helping evaluate the effectiveness of medications or exercises. In essence, a bladder diary translates raw data into actionable insights, allowing you or your doctor to make informed choices that align with your individual needs and symptoms.

    2. Behavioural Therapy:

    Behavioural Therapy in the Diary Pod focuses on techniques to control urinary urges and strengthen bladder muscles. It includes bladder training to increase capacity and control, scheduled voiding to regulate urination intervals, pelvic floor exercises to prevent leakages, and relaxation methods to manage stress. These techniques are tailored to individual needs, aiming to provide non-invasive solutions for overactive bladder and incontinence.

    3. Lifestyle Advice:

    Lifestyle Advice in the Diary Pod offers personalized recommendations to enhance bladder health through adjustments in daily habits. It covers optimal hydration guidance, spreading fluid intake evenly throughout the day, and avoiding common bladder irritants like coffee and spicy foods. The advice is designed to align with individual urological parameters and overall health conditions, providing a balanced approach to managing urinary problems.

    Together, these two aspects of the Diary Pod provide a holistic approach to bladder health, combining scientific techniques with practical daily adjustments to empower users in managing their urinary symptoms.

    Evaluate your progress over time

    Our platform helps you to understand your bladder health and the progression. All key bladder diary results are graphically visualized  to better understand the evolution of your bladder health.

    Bladder dashboard

    Your bladder health data will be collected and converted it into an easy-to-understand dashboard, providing vital insights into your bladder health

    Training & advise 

    Diary Pod offers personalized recommendations to enhance bladder health through adjustments in daily habits,  bladder training or pelvic floor exercises. 

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